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Paintings of Me, Gabi DeMartino’s long-awaited debut studio album was released on May 6th, 2022, previously titled Beautiful Mess. The record was originally meant to be released sometimes between 2020 and 2021.

After opening for German-Russian DJ, Zedd, the singer has decided to re-work on the entire album by changing its genre from Bubblegum Pop to Orchestral Pop with an EDM vibe. The original lead single, “Champagne Dreams,” was later removed from the final track listing and was replaced by her successful single “Pretty Little Mind.”

Speaking of the album in an Instagram post, DeMartino had described the songs as they “hold all of [her] deepest thoughts.” And has also said that the original title changed upon “re working the album to perfection.”

these tracks have been vaulted for so long and i could cry knowing the world & my supporters will be let inside my brain and heart in 16 days. may this project bring in new listeners and healing to anyone who can relate to the songs. happy to say you’ve heard 4 of them so far. these songs are my babies.

The second single “Not Today” was released in August 2021 as her comeback single. The third single “Immaculate” was released in October 2021, followed by the fourth and final single “Broken Morning” in March 2022.


1.welcome to my life



4.it’s getting messy (interlude)


6.broken morning

7.beautiful mess


9.not today

10.paintings of me

11.2:22 in paris


13.pretty little mind


15.pretty little outro