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Liz Beebe, co-lead singer of the popular American Roots band Dustbowl Revival, is set to release her debut solo album after many years on the road with her aforementioned band. Beebe describes the album as having a “childlike wonder with a grounded sense of adult responsibility” as it covers the excitement and joviality of what it feels like to explore life in all its wonders and the excess with which it offers said wonders for those courageous enough to find out.

Given a solid 9.1 from Soundly Music, here’s hoping the ethereal ‘I Got You On My Mind’, which blends the sexiness of Etta James with the spacey keyboard harmonies of a Psychedelia revival, makes the cut. Hopefully, as well, does her latest single ‘Paper Cuts’ which has a childlike innocence and wonderful piano/organ chordal arrangements that give the song a soulful, congregational reverence and strength that is truly a rejuvenation for the ears, soul and mind. Truly beautiful.

There is truly a universality in her tone. A remedy for any sickness or a friend to share on any occasion, Beebe is here to offer an empathic, riveting, encouraging and equally soothing hand.

The album was released on Quiet Fire Records come 17th September 2021.


01.Paper Cuts
02.I Got You on My Mind
04.Try It Out
05.Circle Games
07.Letting Go
09.Letting Go (Extended Bonus Track)