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Helene Fischer now wants to establish herself as a pop artist.

All new from Helene Fischer ! The true queen of success is currently not only starting a family, but also breaking new ground musically. With her album “Rausch”, released on October 15th, the singer says goodbye to her original genre and establishes herself as a German pop star.

Emotions during the interview: The emotional video message makes Helene Fischer cry.

The move has long been suggested: since her hit “Atemlos”, released in 2013, Helene Fischer has gone further and further in the direction of pop, on her tours she has repeatedly sung famous songs of a wide variety of musical styles. Now there is no mention of Schlager in the press release for the new album, while Helene is referred to as a “pop icon” and her new song “Null auf 100” is referred to as “pop dance fireworks”. The musician introduces 24 new songs to her fans, many of them played by herself. “I’ve never shown myself so personally. But maybe I wasn’t ready for this in advance, “says the future mother.


01. Volle Kraft voraus
02. Wenn alles durchdreht
03. Vamos a Marte (feat. Luis Fonsi)
04. Null auf 100
05. Engel ohne Flügel
06. Danke für dich
07. Wunden
08. Wann wachen wir auf
09. Spiele
10. Liebe ist ein Tanz
11. Hand in Hand
12. Zuhaus

01. Rausch
02. Blitz
03. Genau dieses Gefühl
04. Die Erste deiner Art
05. Bis du wieder scheinst
06. Wir werden eins
07. Glückwärts
08. Alles von mir
09. Jetzt oder nie
10. Zeit
11. Luftballon
12. Nichts auf der Welt