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Hot on heels with his latest release “One More Fight”, AJ Mitchell releases his debut album “SKYVIEW“
The new album “SKYVIEW” is executive produced by the legendary Mike Dean [Travis Scott, Kanye West], who produced AJ’s first-ever and breakthrough single “Used To Be.” SKYVIEW traces AJ’s journey from the tiny Illinois town of Belleville to the doorstep of stardom—on his own terms. Named after the drive-in movie theater he grew up going to as an escape from his everyday life, SKYVIEW is true coming-of-age record.

It includes previously shared fan favorites such as “Cameras On,” “Stop,” “Slow Dance” [feat. Ava Max], and the aforementioned, “Used To Be.” The album also houses brand-new songs such as highlights “Heaven’s Gate,” “Lovers On The Moon,” and “Miss You.” Prior to release, album tracks have already reeled in over half-a-billion total streams and counting.

AJ Mitchell says, SKYVIEW is the final chapter of the first era of my artist journey. In 2016, I released my first single “Used To Be”, a song I had written at 13-years-old.  That song set me into a year journey traveling the world; learning, writing, collaborating, performing and constantly evolving. In that time, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with so many talented artists, writers, producers, photographers, and directors around the world. Those collaborations and experiences have sculpted who I am today. I dove into this industry at 15-years-old, only knowing two things: I wanted to write songs and sing them as my career. SKYVIEW is the summary of my artist journey up until now. As a kid, the Skyview Drive-In theater was a place in my small town of Belleville, Illinois that had the power to transport me into a world of endless possibilities. Today, SKYVIEW is proof that anything can happen if you are willing to take the risk and do the work necessary to make any dream come true.”

On the track, warm keys echo between a sparse beat. He flexes his showstopping vocal range, stretching from intimate verses into an irresistible refrain uplifted by his dynamite falsetto. He instantly intoxicates as he holds the high notes on chorus, “I get hi-lo, up down, then I go, ‘Yes no’.” The accompanying visual depicts a cinematic romance with AJ rocking futuristic high fashion in hues of sky blue as he parties in an idyllic and dreamy suburb.


1.Cameras On




5.Heaven’s Gate

6.I Choose You

7.Cheap Red Wine

8.Lovers On The Moon

9.Miss You

10.Slow Dance (feat. Ava Max)

11.Not About Love

12.Used to Be