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Singer-songwriter Emlyn’s debut EP, Confessions of a Drama Queen, serves not only as an introduction to her artistry but an ode to some of her favorite movies and music. Although this is Emlyn’s debut EP, she has some time as a songwriter under her belt, collaborating with artists like Greyson Chance, Hailey Knox, and EBEN before releasing her own music. She recently had a viral TikTok moment teasing her newest song “B.O.M.B.” and is continuing the momentum with the release of her debut EP.

Unsurprisingly, the EP title and its titular track were loosely inspired by the 2004 Lindsay Lohan film, which subsequently led to finding inspiration in a fellow singer-songwriter who inspires Emlyn, Taylor Swift. On the inspiration behind the title track, Emlyn says, “I had just watched the movie again and noticed how filled it was with over-the-top visuals and monologues, which got me thinking about the ever-famous Taylor Swift song ‘Blank Space.’ I wanted to do the same thing with a sort of satirical approach on the classic trope of the ‘crazy girlfriend.'”

In “Confessions of a Drama Queen,” Emlyn provides us with a big pop moment suitable for the dramatic character she’s embodying. The “Blank Space” reference is apparent, but it’s done in her own distinctive style by incorporating varying production elements that add to the perfectly cheeky lyricism. The way Emlyn embraces the unbridled craziness of the “crazy girlfriend” trope is not only apparent in the lyrics but in her theatrical vocal delivery that greatly adds to the playful energy of the track.

Specific memorable elements like the addicting electric guitar and subtle vocoder in the scream-along worthy chorus will have any listeners clinging onto every lyric as Emlyn takes us through the mind of the character she’s portraying. With impressive one liners like, “I’m a fan of perfection and your face is so symmetrical,” and “Before you even take me on a date I’m telling all my friends ‘I know it’s fate,'” it’s clear that Emlyn’s songwriting is a strength that takes the dynamic production to another level.

The search for the perfect summer jam can easily end here, with Emlyn’s “Confessions of a Drama Queen.” Oozing with confidence and power, the title track of her debut EP could not be more bold, enticing listeners to discover what other characters, interesting sounds, and sharp lyrics Emlyn has up her sleeve.


01 – Intro
02 – Confessions Of A Drama Queen
03 – Cruel World
04 – B.o.m.b.
05 – Empathy Will Be The Death Of Me
06 – A Thousand Parties
07 – Change For Me
08 – Outro (The Roof)