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The songwriters and performers Amel Bent, Camélia Jordana and Vitaa gathered around an album to share their repertoire and thus push the note on songs that have popularized each of them in France. An interesting concept for early fans who can rediscover up-to-date songs, but also a great way to reach a new audience.

This three-way project was launched with the song Marine which was popularized by rapper Diam’s in 2006. A nod to the rapper who left the music world for several years and with whom Vitaa collaborated in her debut careers. A collaboration which also gave fruit to the famous Nocturnal Confession. The song Marine was intended to underline the rise of the Front National in France and particularly that of Marine Le Pen in France. Resuming this song in 2021, less than a year away from a new presidential election, seems to clearly show the intention of the three singers.

The second extract is the hit My sister by Vitaa which also refers to the title Sørore which means Sister in Latin. This song is a testament to a friend’s reaction when she discovers her best friend having sex with her boyfriend. This new sound and this new trio bring a touch of modernity to this 2007 hit whose music video unveiled two weeks ago shows the three young women in revenge mode.

Camélia Jordana shares her famous No, No, No as well as Me, while Amel Bent shares, for her part, the famous pieces Where I Go and Do not hold back your tears. The ten songs of the opus also contain three interludes where the artists use their voices only to build harmonies, which creates a nice break between the pieces that we already know.

Each of the songs is delivered in a very dancing suave RnB universe where Amel, Camélia and Vitaa adequately share the lyrics. Although they each have in their own way a voice that carries, it is more restraint that is chosen in the re-readings, which creates a beautiful contrast between the voices and the sounds. The songs are respected wonderfully by the original performers while leaving a place of choice to integrate the voices of other comrades. This way of sharing music allows you to put a new soul in the songs without ever gaining the upper hand over others.


02.La seule (Interlude)
03.Ma sœur
04.Non, non, non
05.Chanter (Interlude)
06.Où je vais
07.Toi tu dis (Interlude)
08.Moi c’est
09.Pourquoi les hommes?
10.Ne retiens pas tes larmes