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‘Starting Now’, the official domestic campaign song of this year’s ‘Ultimate Princess Celebration’, which is held under the theme of ‘Courage to change the world, Disney Princess’ by Disney Korea, sound source and music video will be released on the 11th. The official domestic campaign song ‘Starting Now’, in which Ailee participated, will be released for the first time through various music sites such as Melon, Genie Music and Bugs. In addition, the full music video featuring the colorful appearances of the Disney Princesses and Ailee’s enthusiasm can be found on Disney Korea’s YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, and the 60-second version of the music video will be released exclusively through Naver at noon. As part of the Disney Princess brand campaign ‘Ultimate Princess Celebration’ campaign, this official domestic campaign song contains a special message that you can meet a changed world and a new self through the kindness and courage of a Disney Princess. In addition, the music video, which contains beautiful scenes from Disney Princess animations that remain in the hearts of many, and Ailee’s passionate singing in harmony with them, captivates the eyes and ears of viewers. Through various programs such as the release of an official campaign song under the theme of ‘Courage to Change the World, Disney Princess’, social contribution activities, and consumer participation events, Disney plans on delivering this year’s message which is ‘Let’s change the world and ourselves positively with kindness and courage in everyday life’

Release Date: 2021.06.11


1.깨어나 (Starting Now)