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“The Voyage” is the eighteenth solo album of Hong Kong singer Karen Mok , and it is also a new Guangdong album released 20 years after ” A Golden Flower ” released in 2001; it will be released digitally on June 11, 2021. On the same day, the physical record was pre-sold at the souvenir booth at the Hong Kong Station of the ” Perfect 25th Anniversary World Tour Concert “. Some fans can even get a limited edition commemorative badge.

The record contains a total of eight songs. It includes last year’s critically acclaimed ” Breathing ” and the re-recorded version of the old work “Aurora Borealis”, and the single “A Drop of Tears from One Person”, which was previously collaborated with Junlong Mai , as well as three covers from Karen Mok himself. A new version of the songs sung in the movies “The God of Cookery ” and “The King of Comedy “; in addition, two new works are included, including the re-invitation of Huang Weiwen to write lyrics, echoing the song “Women” which was also written by Huang Weiwen in 2000 “New Knowledge” “Women’s New Knowledge 2021” [1] , and invited a new generation of female singer Huang Yan to compose the song, the song name echoes Karen Karen’s “Originally… Impossible ” in the ” Origin … Anything is possible.”

In this album, Karen Mok shares her feelings about career, love and Hong Kong with music fans in the form of a music documentary.


1.婦女新知 2021


3.The Way You Make Me Feel




7.呼吸有害(Rooftop Live)