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“AM Forever” is a reconciliation letter from the singer / songwriter Alina Nimmervoll, alias ÄNN, to herself. In her debut album, she tells of growing up, the changes that come with it and the realization that you shouldn’t always pay attention to your inner voice .
It takes three years to finish the album together with producer Thomas Mora. Although she already wants to release it in 2019, as well as in autumn last year, the musician is not even clear until December 2020 what it is actually about.
“I had around 12 songs that just didn’t make sense if I put them together. That unsettled me and robbed me a little of my motivation to finish the whole thing. “

When ÄNN sits down at the piano one day and the song “Forever” is created, she quickly notices a common thread that runs through the LP. “I then sort of mucked out and confessed to Thomas that I had to kick some of the almost finished songs. I don’t think he was really surprised. After more than four years of working together, he knows that if I get something on my mind when it comes to music, there’s no going back. ”Almost two months later, the singer / songwriter wrote the song“ AM ”and the album is complete.

Even as a child, the native Tyrolean was not entirely sure of her middle name. Her very personal allegory of a lack of self-acceptance emerges from her name. An uncertainty that cannot be shaken off. Maria Andergast and Hans Lang provide the perfect soundtrack for this misery with “Mariandl”.

When Alina Marianne moved to the Austrian capital in 2015 to devote herself to music, she was completely on her own for the first time. The many self-doubts that have accumulated over the years are now slowly making their way to daylight. Little by little the singer begins to process her feelings and thoughts in songs.

So she tells of her trip to Vienna, growing up, the end of relationships, experiences of racism, depression, running in vicious circles and self-doubt that is rampant.
It was never her plan to publish what has been written, as she did not consider herself a singer for a long time, but one thing leads to another here.

A collection of songs emerges from the uncertainty that resembles a letter of reconciliation. An acknowledgment of what has been experienced, so to speak.
A “Alina Marianne, I am finally accepting you as you are, forever!”

Release Date: May 7, 2021


03.When I’m with You
05.Painted Floors
08.String Lights