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In Season 11 of AGT, a 13-year-old girl named Laura Bretan wowed the judges with her voice. It’s not every day you hear someone as young as her belting out opera music.

Since appearing on the show in 2016, Laura has announced a new album.

Prior to appearing on AGT, Laura won Romania’s Got Talent. Her family is Romanian-American, and she was in the country for her grandfather’s funeral when she auditioned for the show, on his wish.

Despite her previous Got Talent experience, Laura was still nervous to audition for America’s Got Talent. However, her nerves didn’t show as she performed, leaving the judges shocked by her powerful voice.

“You are born with such a gift, it is unbelievable,” Heidi Klum told her. Simon Cowell, meanwhile, admitted he wasn’t sure she would be able to pull it off. “I have never heard anything like that in all the years I’ve been doing this show,” he said.

“I think that this show is gonna completely change your life,” Mel B told Laura. “And I’m gonna change your life right now.” She then hit the Golden Buzzer for the young singer, sending her straight to the live shows.

Now 18 years old, Laura has released several singles since her time on AGT, and she recently announced her new album World I See. “On this album, I have collaborated with many artists from around the globe, and am so grateful for all the things I’ve learned along the way,” she wrote on Instagram.

“In this album, I share not only a new side of my voice/music, but a little bit of what my heart is telling me to share with all of you,” she added. The album include the songs “Dear Father,” “Adagio,” “Believe,” and “Miracoli.”

Year Of Release: 2021


1.World I See

2.Believe feat. The Tenors



5.Wide Awake

6.Dear Father

7.La Luce


9.Miracoli feat. Alberto Urso