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The duo consisting of Mette Mortensen (vocals, writer) and Mads Christensen (producer, writer) has finally released their debut album, ‘In Bloom’.

“We’ve spent most of 2020 in the studio finishing and finetuning our debut album. Writing, producing and mixing almost everything ourselves.” The 30-year-old producer and songwriter, Mads explains.

And there is no doubt, that the young producer and songwriting duo has been busy the last couple of years. Using both their time in the studio in Denmark, but also quite some time in LA, which ensured the meeting with CJ Baran along the way. An encounter which later should turn out to be the result of an amazing track and help from Max Martin himself on the single ‘What We Do’.

When listening to our album ‘In Bloom’, you will be invited directly into our world. It’s an album describing a long journey – including both highs and lows on a bumpy road. Some of the tracks came alive years ago, some were created last week. We’re extremely proud of the final result, crossing our fingers our existing fans will love it, and hoping to be able to invite new ones into our world, Mette explains.


01.Mona Lisa
02.Am I Insane?
03.Boys Dont Make Me Cry
04.What We Do
05.M&M (interlude)
06.Polaroid Pictures
09.Are You Feeling It Too?
10.Hit & Run
11.Wild Love