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In the four years since relocating to Nashville after making All I Ever See In You Is Me, Johnson said she made friends easily in the new city and also met and married her husband. The new relationships, both personal and professional, brought with them a renewed creative confidence, which resulted in Johnson’s third studio album, It’s a Beautiful Day and I Love You. Due out on February 12, 2021, it was recorded in East Nashville and was produced by Joe Pisapia, engineered by Dan Knobler, and features bassist Owen Biddle and drummer Jamie Dick. It has already garnered praise from Rolling Stone, American Songwriter, CMT, and Refinery29. American Songwriter called Johnson a rare gem in Nashville, having written the entirety of the album alone, running contrary to the common Music City practice of co-writing. British music monthly UNCUT also commented, “Following the ostentatious piano pop of 2013’s Water In A Whale and the austere Nashville twang of 2017’s All I Ever See In You Is Me, her latest uses country as a springboard into ’60s pop, ’70s rock, and Noughties indie. It’s an adventurous palette that suits her well.”


1.Many Moons
4.It’s a Beautiful Day and I Love You
5.I Shouldn’t Go Anywhere
7.Forgive Her
8.Graveyard Boyfriend
9.What Would Jesus Do
10.Letting Go