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The Lebanese superstar’s twelfth studio album arrival is quite a bittersweet message. Elissa, one of the best-selling Arab female artists of all time, has spent over 20 years in the music industry. In August 2019, she announced her then-upcoming studio album would be her last before retirement. It is no surprise, as the 47-year-old artist compared the music industry to mafias. Sahbit Raey, which translates as “opinion giver”, sums her magnificent career up in 18 well-done anthem tracks, could not be a better “goodbye album” from the Queen of Emotions.

Release Date: August 1, 2020


1 Sahbit Raey
2 Aghanina
3 Azima
4 Wafi
5 Moubaha Lik
6 Habbit Ehtimam
7 Ala Hess Hikayetna
8 Haatebrak Mot
9 Ghaltet Waet
10 Ana Chebh Nsitak
11 Hanghanni Kaman W Kaman
12 Smaany
13 Lek Liwahdak
14 W Enta Osadi
15 Eli Allah
16 Benheb El Hayat
17 Ahwit El Madi
18 Mourir sur scene