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TVXQ’s new Japanese single “Small Talk” is scheduled to be released on various domestic and foreign music platforms. It is expected to draw high attention from fans as it is the first release in Japan in about 10 months since the reveal of “Manazashi” back in January.

The new song “Small Talk” is a pop number that combines a calm atmosphere with acoustic guitar accompaniment. The lyrics contain the message “I won’t lose anything precious” through which fans can feel another charm of the group.

TVXQ is loved by many for its music, making fans excited when a new song is about to come out. Ever since the group made its breakthrough in Japan, the boys have continuously recorded good responses for their work.

The artists made their debut in Korea in December 2003, later expanding their horizons to Japan. The duo is currently one of the biggest Korean acts in not just those two countries, but also the world.

The two performers unveiled their individual charms by dropping solo releases, which also garnered positive feedback from their fandom. Those include both, albums in Korean and Japanese, highlighting a different style form what they show as a group.

Meanwhile, TVXQ’s new Japanese single “Small Talk” will be available on November 27.


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