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After the young Biel-based artist with Brazilian roots first drew attention to herself in 2017 with her EP “Unbound”, the time of “Moonlight” has come. For this she teamed up with the Olten-based producer duo Stereotyp and delivers 8 songs that sometimes enrapture, sometimes astonish, sometimes care and sometimes worry – but always move you in one way or another and get under your skin.

Now, after a long wait, the album “Moonlight” is finally in the starting blocks. Eight impressive and lovingly produced songs, which do not hide themselves also not from difficult topics. Self-doubt, escape, excesses, failed relationships and fear of loss – and yet there is always that hopeful, resonant note and an incredible strength that at first glance you wouldn’t expect from this petite person.

Exactly this ambivalence is also perfectly expressed in the lead single “Sticks and Stones”. On one hand, the song is an incredibly danceable track, which with its stirring rhythm goes straight to the legs. The lyrics are also uplifting and motivating – and yet they give you a hint that this is not just any wannabe pop star’s cliche, but that a young artist is singing herself free from her demons.


1.Think About It

2.Blank Page

3.Sticks and Stones

4.Moonlight (feat. KT Gorique)

5.Like a Stone



8.Happens at Night