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The singer-songwriter and performer Amay Laoni presents today her brand new album “Le tournant”.

A title that reveals both the turning point that the album took in itself and the artist in its creation. Indeed, the opus was to appear before the pandemic under the Amé label, but the time that has stood still for several months has allowed the artist to face his ideas and his desires to set up a change. of name which corresponds more to the color which it proposes today, which gave fruit to Amay Laoni. 

This change of name, which took more than two months of work to appear on all platforms, does not change her pop-electro universe that she manages with relevance and reflection, but rather shows a creative evolution that is spreading. from visual to sound. A visual produced by Matante Alex and which shows Amay as she is, that is to say with many branches to her bow that we take pleasure in discovering from one project to another.

Amay has found the x of her artistic identity with this album which explores music in all its splendor and in all electro spheres, but also through writing and the themes that she has chosen to exploit such as depression. , separation and letting go. The juxtaposition between words and music allows heavier themes to take on a hint of lightness and thus accentuate the dancing aspect of the universe.


01.Un fil
02.Ça va
03.T’auras rien
04.Comme il faut qu’on se quitte
05.Tout relâcher
06.Qu’est ce que j’en sais?
08.À la prochaine
09.Du tout
10.Je veux tes aveux
11.J’te laisse aller
12.En vrai, je sais pas