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Melanie C is the eighth studio album by English recording artist Melanie C. It is due to be released on 2 October 2020 by Red Girl Media. The album was preceded by the singles “Who I Am”, “Blame It on Me”, “In and Out of Love” and “Fearless”, the latter of which features vocalist Nadia Rose.

Chisholm started recording the album in 2019 after being inspired by her reunion with the Spice Girls and their Spice World – 2019 Tour after the year “felt like a real celebration”. She said the experience had “actually been quite inspiring for this album” as she “reflected” during her time on stage. Chisholm teamed up with drag collective Sink the Pink to release the single “High Heels” and embark on a world tour of LGBTQ Pride events. Although the single does not feature on Melanie C, it launched a new sound for the singer, with her embarking on a new dance-based route rather than her previous alternative pop recordings. Chisholm elaborated on her inspiration for the album: “I had this song going into the Spice shows where I was nervous about being Sporty again. But singing those songs in rehearsals I realised I am here, she is within me. It made me reflect on my life and inform this album. I wanted to make an album that really acknowledged that. I felt it was time to embrace everything about myself, Sporty, Melanie, mum, girlfriend, cleaner, cook, therapist. And I wanted it to be empowering and fun […] This [album] is different because I have massive new changes behind the scenes, new management. Not many people survived the cull. Importantly new A&R, and I was introduced to lots of new artists, songwriters and producers, it really feels like a new chapter.”

On 3 August 2020, Chisholm told BBC Music: “Obviously, I’m making a pop-dance record and I’m a mature artist, so I have to accept that some radio stations are not going to be playing me anymore. That’s something to overcome. But I want people to enjoy this album, I want people to dance to it, I want people to be empowered by it. And when coronavirus has done one, I want to get out there and perform it live.”

Chisholm announced plans to embark on a tour of Europe to promote the album in May 2021.


1. “Who I Am”
2. “Blame It on Me”
3. “Good Enough”
4. “Escape”
5. “Overload”
6. “Fearless” (featuring Nadia Rose)
7. “Here I Am”
8. “Nowhere to Run”
9. “In and Out of Love”
10. “End of Everything”

Melanie C physical disc two:

1. “Self Love”
2. “Into You”
3. “Touch Me”
4. “Who I Am” (Joe Goddard remix)
5. “Blame It on Me” (PBH & Jack remix)
6. “High Heels” (featuring Sink the Pink) (Moto Blanco remix)

4½ stars