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In September 2019, she established her own record label Cherii Records to release songs under the artist name “Erii.” She released her first single as Erii, “Cherii♡” in October of the same year, the second single “Remember me?” in November. “Koigokoro” will be her third single from the label.

“Koigokoro” is also a tie-up song with the forthcoming LINE manga “Isekai Konkatsu – Maou wo Taoshita Arasaa Onna Senshi ga Konkatu wo Hajimemashita” (Marriage activity in a different world – The female warrior who is over 30 and defeated the demon king starts a marriage activity) that will start serialization this fall. The cover illustration of the CD single’s manga edition is drawn by the manga’s illustrator, and a character inspired by Yamazaki herself will appear in the story.



2.I miss you

3½ stars