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The super-talented singer -songwriter Julanie J releases her debut 10-track Afrikaans album, titled Mooi. The album follows on the success of the three previously released hit-singles Dalk is Ek, Sandkastele and Gegrond.

Beautifully written and composed, Julanie explains that each song on the album is a love story. She says: “This is an album of self-discovery. All the songs are about things that happened in my life that I would like to share with others.”

The single “Liefde wat ons heelmaak” is a duet that with the talented singer Ivan Roux. Julanie says: “I am excited about this song. I always aim for international standard in the production and recording of my songs and I feel proud of what we have achieved with this track. “Liefde wat ons heelmaak” is about going through a break-up. Most of us go through this kind of heartbreak in our lives. It was a privilege to be able to record this with Ivan Roux. His deep, warm voice was the perfect match to help deliver the intended emotion of this song.”

“Arm” is a personal favoutite for Julanie off the album. She wrote the song for her husband, JP, a few months before their wedding. Julanie says: “The song reveals a bit about how I feel about our relationship. ““Jy’s die stil van stilheid wat praat” – JP is a man of few words, but when he does speak, his opinions are usually relevant and wise. I also love that he makes me laugh. I can sometimes be too serious. “Jy`s die suiker in my koffie sodat ek nie bitter smaak” translated means “you’re like the sweetener to my coffee and remove the bitterness.”

Mooi is a love story consisting of 10 original tracks. Julanie says that she is super-proud of this album. “I am grateful to Warner Music South Africa and all the artists and recording -specialists that have worked with me over the past two years. Without them I could not have done this. I am on cloud 9!”

Julanie J, who recently turned 22, has been writing and making music for as long as she can remember. She wrote her first song at the age of four and her debut album Spirit Breakout (2015) reached the iTunes Top 30 on release. She was subsequently nominated for a Mzansi Christian Award in 2016. Julanie is already an accomplished songwriter and has written singles for various artists including Lokua Kanza, Helmut Meijer AKA Calev, Nadia Vorster and Namibia`s Sanet Lambrechts. Her Afrikaans single releases in 2019 and 2020 reached various no 1 positions. Huisgenoot published a review in which they referred to Julanie J as a talented artist to keep an eye on.


01. Dalk Is Ek
02. Genadig
03. Liefde Wat Ons Heelmaak (feat. Ivan Roux)
04. Moite Werd
05. Sandkastele
06. Gemaak vir Mekaar
07. Mooi Wees
08. Vreemde Mooi
09. Arm
10. Gegrond

4 stars