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“Mesa Para Dos” is the seventh album by Puerto Rican singer and songwriter Kany García .

The album is characterized by a totally smooth and harmonic musical content, with a combination of rhythms such as pop , blues , ballad and Latin American fusion . In addition, all the songs feature contributions from artists of various genres.

From this album, some singles are released such as: “Titanic”, “Nuevas mentiras” and “Búscame” among 3 others .

In this album are included the participations of Camilo , Carlos Vives , Pedro Capó , Carlos Rivera , Mon Laferte , Reik , Catalina García , Goyo , Leiva and Nahuel Pennisi.


1.«Lo que en ti veo» (con Nahuel Pennisi)
2.«Óxido» (con Leiva)
3.«Se portaba mal» (con Mon Laferte)
4.«Que pasen los días» (con Gusttavo Lima)
5.«Búscame» (con Carlos Vives)
6.«Date la vuelta» (con Reik)
7.«Nuevas mentiras» (con Pedro Capó)
8.«Acompáñame» (con Goyo y Catalina García)
9.«Cobardes» (con Carlos Rivera)
10.«Titanic» (con Camilo)

4½ stars