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Shabrang is the second studio album by Dutch-Iranian singer Sevdaliza. It was released on 28 August 2020 by Twisted Elegance. The title is Persian and translates to “night color”.

The album is 15 tracks long and was supported by the singles “Darkest Hour”, “Oh My God”, “Lamp Lady”, “Joanna” and “Habibi”, as well as “Human Nature”, which was originally released as part of Sevdaliza’s 2018 extended play The Calling. The album cover was shot by Tré Koch.


1. “Joanna”
2. “Shabrang”
3. “Lamp Lady”
4. “All Rivers at Once”
5. “Habibi”
6. “Dormant”
7. “Wallflower”
8. “Gole Bi Goldoon”
9. “Darkest Hour”
10. “Oh My God”
11. “Eden”
12. “Human Nature”
13. “No Way”
14. “Rhode”
15. “Comet”

4½ stars