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Independent rapper Bryn has released the mini-album “VELVETMOTH,”. It is the first part of her MOTH Series and was co-produced by her du7 crewmates.

“‘When there’s something I want to do, I have to do it’
‘I can’t hide my facial expressions’
These and more are some of my characteristics. They all have something in common and I think it’s that I’m a person like fire and very active.
The word ‘moth’ came to mind.
Not knowing they will burn in the fire, they fly toward it straight away. I think that resembles me very much.
I wasn’t going to have any grand narrations or profound stories in my album anyway, so I decided to make it about myself.
As the word ‘velvet’ suggests, the first part of the MOTH Series, ‘VELVETMOTH’, depicts the most soft and tender side of myself.

“Since a young age I’ve liked people.
I was quick to like someone and quick to forget them, too.
I couldn’t image fighting with someone. I would feel so sorry for hurting their feelings.
In other words, I have never been strong.
So I thought about what ‘Bryn’ could do.
Is there any other way than to be honest? I couldn’t find a better answer and started doing my best.”

“I thank everyone who helped make this album
and I feel grateful for it, because it made me love myself more.
My fans, who have been waiting for a long time, I always love you.”

Release Date: August 27, 2020


When I found out that I was in love with you, I suddenly saw it all.
The tone of my voice, my expressions, and the things I did!
I was like a highschooler.

Because of certain circumstances I couldn’t express my feelings (even though they were evident),
but to be honest, the thought of “What use would it do to confess them?” was stronger.

I’ve already grown up and I’m making an album. My second, on top of that.
I’ve been on TV and there are people who envy me.
Originally, I used to be a small, late child, an only daughter.

4.니가 뭔데
I feel good when I see you but I’m in a bad mood.
It’s such a waste. So who exactly are you?

5.GOING OUT (Feat. punchnello)
If our relationship was gonna be like this, why are we even in a relationship?
Can we even call this a relationship? This isn’t a game of who wins and who loses,
but why do I not want to lose?
Ah, I don’t know, I’ll go out and have fun today, so don’t contact me.

4 stars