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Jordana hasn’t wasted any time since signing on with label Grand Jury in January. This past spring the bedroom pop artist re-released her debut album, Classical Notions of Happiness, and now, she’s prepping a new follow-up EP. Titled Something to Say, it’s slated for arrival next month.

According to Jordana, who just recently celebrated her 20th birthday, the forthcoming EP is a natural progression from the work found on Classical Notions. “I saw that I was growing; my sound was growing,” she remarked in a statement. “As soon as we finished [album bonus track] ‘Crunch’ in the studio, we were like, ‘This was the best thing that we’ve ever made, ever, and I want to do more of it.’”

Listeners heard “more of it” on last month’s “I’ll Take It Boring”, the first official preview of Something to Say. A second single, “Big”, is here and sees the promising young musician carefully considering just how vulnerable and explicit she should be.

“I feel like it’s at the perfect level I want it to be, where it’s not too personal, but it’s not cheesy,” Jordana remarked. “Sometimes it’s scary to be too personal. Being vague for this EP was the right way to go, because whatever doesn’t make up for it in the lyrics definitely does in instrumentation, beat-wise, harmonies and everything.”

Something to Say was release on July 31st.


01. I’ll Take It Boring
02. Guaranteed
03. Hitman
04. Big
05. Far Away From You
06. Forgetter

3½ stars