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Even though it has taken a few years to complete, singer/songwriter Zoë Nutt is finally able to release her second album, “How Does It Feel.”

She started recording this album at the age of 25 and then, unfortunately, lost a large amount of her hearing. She took a year off from recording to get a cochlear implant and a hearing aid, but that doesn’t mean she stopped working on her career. She used this time to write songs for her album that she knew would come together one day.


01 – If That’s What It Takes
02 – Happy
03 – Rewind (feat. Neil Mason & Jaren Johnston)
04 – How Does It Feel
05 – Girl of My Dreams
06 – Come Over
07 – Too Fast (feat. Brandy Clark)
08 – Ooo Eee
09 – East Houston Street
10 – Like You

4 stars