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Ayumi Hamasaki is now officially back!

On June 5, the singer had released a new digital single: it was one of her few tracks with the Japanese title, or ” Ohia no Ki ” (オ ヒ ア の 木).

More than a month later, Ayumi has made a new announcement in the same way: a notice on Twitter to focus on a certain date and time.

And that’s how we learned about the release of another digital single! This time the title is in English: the new song is called ” Dreamed a Dream ” and will be released on July 31st.

What do we know about the song?

First, the cover’s visual concep t was revealed about a week ago on Instagram through a behind-the-scenes selfie.

Also on Instagram, more details were shared: the song is by Tetsuya Komuro, who now seems more active than ever after the announcement of the production of the new Nogizaka song46 .

Afterwards, two versions of the track are already available on Youtube until 30 July.
The first one has no accompanying instruments; the second has the basic chords with the piano.

Finally, fans are invited to create remix versions using these acapella versions and tag them with ” ayumix2020 “.

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