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Lianne La Havas is the self-titled third studio album by English singer Lianne La Havas. The album is due to be released on 17 July 2020. Released after a five-year hiatus and written following La Havas’ break-up, the album was inspired by the life cycle of nature and its ability to thrive, go away, and come back stronger. Recording of the album took place between October 2019 and December 2019, with sessions taking place in London, Bath and New York. The albums production was handled by La Havas along with long-term collaborator Matt Hales, co-producer Beni Giles, and guest co-producer Mura Masa.


1. “Bittersweet” (full length)
2. “Read My Mind”
3. “Green Papaya”
4. “Can’t Fight”
5. “Paper Thin”
6. “Out of Your Mind” (interlude)
7. “Weird Fishes”
8. “Please Don’t Make Me Cry”
9. “Seven Times”
10. “Courage”
11. “Soul Flower”
12. “Bittersweet”

4 stars