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Vancouver singer-songwriter Haley K. Turner release her first full-length album on May 29.

“I have gone back and forth questioning whether now is the right time to release a new album,” she told the Independent. “But here’s the thing. Long before our lives were turned upside down, I titled my album in from the dark and, if right now is not the time to bring each other back in from the dark, I don’t know when is. This record was written with the intention of leaving people feeling a little more understood and a little less alone, myself included. So, while it feels like I am taking a huge leap of faith, releasing it while people may be too overwhelmed to notice, it also feels like I don’t have much of a choice. We don’t know what the future holds, and I happen to be fortunate to have completed the recording back in January. I want to share it with anyone who might find it comforting right now.”


01.Good Life
02.As I Am
03.Stay with Me (Jacob’s Song)
04.Heavy Lifting
08.For the Win
09.Loved You Perfectly
10.Good Life (Gooder Version)

4 stars