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How to be Human is Connecticut singer Chelsea Cutler’s debut studio album, and overall third album release after her Sleeping with Roses two-series mixtape. The second installment released five months from the first.

Cutler released four singles for this project with the first being “How To Be Human,” which released on August 16, and portrayed as the title-track for the album. One month later followed “You Are Losing Me,” “Lucky,” – accompanied by Alexander 23 – and “I Was In Heaven.”

Released Date: 17 Jan 2020


1 Sad Tonight
2 Strangers Again
3 What Would It Take
4 I Was In Heaven
5 Are You Listening
6 nj
7 Somebody Else Will Get Your Eyes
8 You Are Losing Me
9 I Miss You
10 The Human Condition
11 Lucky Featuring – Alexander
12 I Should Let You Go
13 How To Be Human
14 New Recording 28 – Lions
15 Crazier Things

4 stars