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Vocalists Kat McDowell and MiChi have teamed up for the first time ever for a new song titled “Paralyzed”. “Paralyzed” was released on May 20th is currently streaming on AppleMusic, Amazon, and Spotify. You can also purchase it on Kat’s website along with iTunes and Amazon! “Paralyzed” is an English track and incorporates lyrics that reach to everyone struggling to find themselves. It’s a beautiful song that gives you hope and brings awareness to mental health issues that many struggle with.

Kat McDowell is a pop singer-songwriter born in Tokyo and was raised in New Zealand. She has a successful career with four albums and five mini albums under her belt. MiChi is a electronic-pop singer-songwriter born in England and raised in Japan. She also has a successful career with four albums and many singles. Both ladies were under the major record label Sony Music at one time but now are currently independent artists. Kat and MiChi encompass Japanese and English in their music, bringing the East and West together.



4½ stars