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The songwriter SIGRID HORN, originally from Lower Austria and now based in Vienna, is an artist that is able to make the most from very little and to transform tranquility into an all-encompassing force. On her debut album „sog i bin weg“, Sigrid Horn refrains from anything excessive, any clichéd embellishment and any superficial sparkle. In turn, it is exactly this sonic modesty that builds up unbelievable density and drama. Sigrid Horn truly understands how to create a musical atmosphere that can penetrate into the deepest of depths. The songs sung in dialect have a magical appeal and are of haunting beauty.

“I Bleib Do” is the new album by the singer.


1 Mea
2 Radl
3 Heiti
4 Heazn
5 Fruehling
6 Ripm
7 Sirenen
8 Aans
9 Woen
10 Aukuma

4 stars