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Mono (Cyrillic: Моно; translation: “Mono”) is the second studio album and the first Russian language album by singer-songwriter Lena Katina. It was released on 26 July 2019 by her own label, Katina Music Inc. To promote the album launch, Katina embarked her first street concert that was held on Arbat, Moscow on the same day.Katina have collaborated with several talented musicians and authors from her homeland Russia and other Slavic countries such as Ukraine and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

A pop album, Mono incorporates a mixture elements of 90s and modern pop departing from the rock sounds of its predecessor, This Is Who I Am (2014). The album have topped the ITunes charts of several countries such as Estonia where it peaked at first place. It also entered ITunes charts in Mexico where it peaked at second place, Malaysia and Belarus where it both peaked at fourth place, and her homeland, Russia where it reached fifth place.

On 3 March 2018, the lead single for the album was released namely “После Нас” (“After Us”). It is a nostalgic dedication to the singer’s past memories of being in t.A.T.u. with former bandmate, Julia Volkova.

“Косы” (“Braids”) is the second single for the album. Released on 30 July 2018, a music video was produced for the launch of the song and the said video was made simultaneously with her third single, “Макдоналдс” (“McDonald’s”). The latter song was inspired from the 2006 film, Candy. Both music videos are released on the same month.

In the same year, the singer also released another single entitled, “Куришь” (”You Smoke”).

On 12 April 2019, Katina released “Стартрек” (“Star Trek”) and “Моно” (“Mono”) on June 9. 20 days after the release of her last single for the album, Katina officially announced to the public (via Instagram) that her second album would be also named as Mono.

When the singer was asked regarding the meaning behind the album name, “I am now mono, that is because I am alone; independent as a solo artist.” – implying that she really is no longer the half of t.A.T.u.


1. “Моно” (Mono)
2. “Ближе” (Closer)
3. “Косы” (Braids)
4. “Куришь” (You Smoke)
5. “Стартрек” (Startrek)
6. “Мы Танцуем” (We Dance)
7. “Макдоналдс” (McDonald’s)
8. “После нас” (After Us)

4½ stars