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How I’m Feeling (stylized as ~how i’m feeling~) is the debut studio album by American singer Lauv. It was released on March 6, 2020. To promote the album Lauv embarked on the How I’m Feeling Tour in support of the album, beginning on October 5, 2019. He will be supported by American singer-songwriter mxmtoon when he tours Asia in the summer of 2020.

The cover depicts miniature versions of Lauv standing and sitting on him wearing colorful outfits. According to Lauv, these characters are “represented by purple (existential Lauv), blue (hopeless romantic Lauv), green (goofy Lauv), yellow (positive Lauv), orange (fuckboy Lauv) and red (spicy Lauv), all of which make up [his] identity.” The music video for “Sims” would “bring the album concept and characters to life for the first time”, and allowed viewers to get a glimpse inside Lauv’s mind and learn about the concept behind the album.


1 Druges & The Internet
2 Fuck I’m Lonely Featuring – Anne-Marie
3 Lonely Eyes
4 Sims
5 Believed
6 Billy
7 Feelings
8 Canada Featuring – Alessia Cara
9 For Now
10 Mean It Featuring – LANY
11 Tell My Mama
12 Sweatpants
13 Who Featuring – BTS
14 I’m So Tired Featuring – Troye Sivan
15 El Tejano Featuring – Sofia Reyes
16 Tattoos Together
17 Changes
18 Sad Forever
19 Invisible Things
20 Julia
21 Modern Loneliness

4 stars