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15th November 2019 saw the unveiling of Lovers & Losers, this 5 track collection forms the sophomore EP from Swedish act Violet Days. Now I have nothing bit praise for Violet, she’s an exceptional singer/ songwriter whose been releasing music since 2014. Two years later, I was introduced to this impeccable project and the song in question being Your Girl. I then delved into the back catalogue and that’s when I cam across Razorheart, So Dope and Screaming Colors. he three years which followed saw the release of 8 further singles and the debut Made In My Head EP in 2018. This girl was definitely someone to keep a close eye on.

That aside the lady behind the name is Lina Hansson. Both herself and long-term collaborator and producer Kris Eriksson hold impressive songwriting and production credits. These include co-writing The Chainsmokers global smash hit ‘Paris’, while also working with the likes of Cash Cash, Shaun Frank and Phoebe Ryan.

I’ve listened to Lovers & Losers a number of times, it’s an addictive slice of Swedish pop that’s been well crafted. Out of the 5 tracks featured, 3 have received the single treatment and these being Afterparty, All I Know and Ink. Lina truly has a gift for songwriting as this exquisite effort is a literal pop masterpiece. Anyhow things started off with the most recent single and this being Ink. This succulent song was a whimsical piano ballad aided by Hansson’s sugary sweet vocal tones and lyrics which had dashes of emotion. These words explained the toxicity behind a relationship, despite coming across being unbreakable these verbal put downs can have a negative effect “Now your words stick to me like Ink/ I can’t help but to overthink that/ Am I just a casualty?/ Your honesty is killing me/ What you say I just can’t get out/ Could’ve kept it inside of your mouth/ I Wish I didn’t give a shit about it/ But your words stick to me like Ink”. The next number was the first track to be lifted from this EP and this being Afterparty. This sumptuous song was a captivating slice of sheer bliss, Lina’s vibrant vocals were a breath of fresh air, that gorgeous melody was hypnotic and then you had luscious lyrics which I fell for hook line and sinker. Basically this perfectly penned content centres on the fear of being alone “And it’s the afterparty/ When I’m the one and lonely, it’s late and/ When the music stops and it’s just my thoughts keeping me awake/ I hate the afterparty”. All in all this number was extremely enchanting. Everything about Libertines Jacket was spot on, this was a slick anthem packed with plenty of thumping beats and then there were crystal clear lyrics detailing a relationship from beginning to the very end. The theme of love and loss is a recurring theme throughout this EP and All I Know is one of those tracks which has all the feels. The majestic melody was drenched in synthy goodness, Lina’s tantalising tones were bright and breezy whilst those lyrics were packed with heartbreak. All I Know focused on splitting up from a partner who means the world to you, whilst you agreed to cut all contact it’s extremely hard when those those feelings are still there “I wanna be allowed to just call/ Middle of the night at your door/ We could touch like we used to/ And I don’t wanna know who you’re with/ Or if she feels like I did/ Would you let me remind you?”. Things then reach its conclusion with the EPs title track. Lovers & Losers was a beautiful electro pop ballad, that majestic melody was so smooth whilst those lyrics were a tad emotional. This tune focuses on finding the right partner at the wrong time, in this case Lina sings about a forbidden love “I feel like I’m back to losing my mind/ Anything to get you off my head/ I try not to let it happen once again”. I’m picturing unsaid feelings, only to find out they’re reciprocated however the guy in question already has a partner. Even though you know this affair is wrong, it keeps happening again because you are clinging onto the hope you’ll be together in the future.

Finally you had Violet Days very own version of Tame Impala’s Let It Happen. This intriguing interpretation dropped to mark the announcement of Lovers & Losers. Everything about Lina’s own version was spot on, the melody was whimsical and then you had Hansson’s sugary sweet vocals which enchanted me.

Here is what Hansson had to say in regards to this EP “I called the EP Lovers & Losers because looking back on all these songs, they all take you through the stages of a relationship where there´s love, but there´s also loss. The EP is about the journey and discoveries in relationships, with both yourself and someone else, and the different stages of feelings that I’ve gone through over the last few years. “The first stage is the butterflies stage in the beginning of a relationship when you first meet someone. The next stage is feeling lonely or taken for granted, which then next leads to feeling confused, angry and sad. Then there’s the stage where you lose that someone, and struggle to get over it. Finally, the last stage is being fine with it, and accepting the relationship for what it was”.


01. I Remember
02. Libertines Jacket
03. All I Know
04. Afterparty
05. Ink
06. Let it Happen
07. Lovers or Losers

4 stars