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Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao will be releasing her first album in six years as she celebrates her 20th year in show business this year.

The 40-year-old singer, who has not been seen in public for almost two years, said on Friday (Nov 15) that her new album will be titled Naked Truth.

She wrote, “Let’s Celebrate Our Anniversary. On the road of life, it’s not where you go but who you’re with that makes the difference.”

Hsiao, who is currently in the United States, told Taiwan’s Apple Daily that the master recording of her 10 songs in the new album have been completed. She said that Naked Truth, scheduled to be released in mid-2020, could be her last album. However, she stressed that she is not retiring from singing but may release only singles in future.

The singer famous for songs such as Cappuccino (1999) and Theme Song Of Love (2002) released her previous album, Shut Up And Kiss Me, in 2014. She announced on her birthday in August that she is dating a man 16 years her junior. She admitted at the time to having an impulse to form a family with him by getting pregnant.

Hsiao released a video clip on social media early on Sunday, as she thanked her fans for standing by her in the last 20 years.

She told Apple Daily that she suffered from depression after damaging her vocal cords as she has been vomiting frequently. The vomiting was due to fatigue as she has been flying constantly between Taiwan and the US for her new album.