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infinite synthesis 5 is the sixth studio album released by the second generation of fripSide and the group’s 17th album in total. This album marks the 10th anniversary of Nanjo Yoshino as the group’s vocalist. The song “Love with You” was used as the opening theme for the anime Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet, “Lighting of My Heart” was used as theme song for the Chinese mobile game Fēngyìn Zhě M, and “perpetual wishes” was used as the main theme song for the Chinese mobile game Xiānjìng Chuánshuō RO: Shǒuhù Yǒnghéng de Ài (Ragnarok RO: Protecting Eternal Love) in the chapter 3.5.

Released Date: 2019.10.30


1.when chance strikes
2.Love with You
3.perpetual wishes
4.rain of blossoms
5.lighting of my heart
6.as before
7.light at the end
8.frosty breeze
9.change your core self
10.brand new world
11.endless entropy
12.glorious wind
13.believe in your future

4 stars