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In 2014, Conchita Wurst took to the Eurovision stage and stormed to victory with “Rise Like A Phoenix”. Ever since then, Tom Neuwirth – the man behind the beard – has been constantly evolving his sound and appearance. Now, this journey has resulted in Truth Over Magnitude, the new album from Tom’s current persona WURST.

Truth Over Magnitude is certainly a different offering from the inspirational debut album and orchestral-filled LP that Conchita previously delivered. Instead, WURST shifts things towards a more electronic-punk sound that may surprise audiences who haven’t been following Neuwirth’s ever-changing style.

Right from the very first track of the album, “Trash All the Glam”, WURST makes sure to let people know that this is not the same artist they may be used to. The glamour and elegance of Conchita has been thrown out to make way for this new era. Through WURST, Neuwirth is able to show the world his current truth and who he is at the present time.

Other tracks such as “Can’t Come Back” and “Forward” make it clear that Tom Neuwirth is leaving Conchita in the past for now and is focused on moving into the future as WURST. He wants his fans to “See Me Now” for the artist he is in this moment, and not be caught up in thinking that he must always be the diva figure of Conchita.

Indeed, it’s an artist’s ability to adapt that both helps them push past their limits and give them new lease of life. WURST knows this, as he mentioned in a recent interview on German TV show Late Night Berlin: “The things I do reflect my situation in life and progress is the only thing that pushes me. But also because I get bored extremely easily. And when I’m bored, I have no fun.”

Musically, there’s a reservedness and quietness running throughout the twelve-track LP. There’s no extremely upbeat song or big soaring power ballad where WURST tries to make an over-produced statement. Rather, Truth Over Magnitude subtly delivers a message of self-love and respect.

The Austrian star welcomes you to “Hit Me” with your negative thoughts and comments. But, at the end of the day, WURST knows that he can be nothing more than himself and dance “To the Beat” of his own drums. He loves himself for who he is and encourages people to respect that.

WURST’s new LP may not be everyone’s musical cup of tea. But, the Eurovision alum is not here to make a big splash and release records that try to appeal to the masses. Instead, Tom Neuwirth favours truth over magnitude, and humbly bares the current state of his soul through T.O.M.


1. Trash All The Glam
2. Satori
3. To The Beat
4. Can’r Come Back
5. Hit Me
6. See Me Now
7. Resign
8. Under The Gun
9. Kuku
10. Forward
11. Six
12. Truth Over Magnitude

4 stars