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Show Lo is back! Three years after Reality Show, Show officially returns with his stylish music and funky dance moves in the new album No Idea! Last December, the singer surprisingly teased a comeback with the digital single No Joke, which is written by renowned producer Starr Chen and rising singer-songwriter OZI. The pre-release single is included in No Idea along with other tracks that are specially selected by Show. Graffiti artist André Saraiva brings his signature character Mr. A to the album design, which adds a playful yet random element that is true to the album theme.

Release Date: 2019-04-23


01. 帥一個
02. 不逃 (feat. C.T.O 王梓寧)
03. Birthday
04. 羅志祥
05. No Love
06. 你不在
07. U&I
08. No Joke
09. 我的世代
10. Nobody Can

4½ stars