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Tiffany Young has been a polished pop star since she made her debut with K-pop supergroup Girls’ Generation at the age of 17. Now, more than a decade later, 29-year-old Young is shedding the facade and coming clean with “Born Again,” her self-reflective new single.

“I used to feel so hollow, shallow, vacant,” Young croons intimately on the track, which she co-wrote. “When you’re around you closin’ all these spaces.”

“Born Again” doesn’t just mark a departure from her bubbly K-pop persona; the song is a sweeping confessional — from Young, to her fans — but more importantly, it’s a chance for Young to be honest to herself. “There has always been a darkness and struggle,” she said in a statement, “and it’s only now that I get to talk about it openly.”

“Born Again” is the lead single off her forthcoming five-song EP, Lips On Lips, out February 22.


1.Born Again

4½ stars