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​Despite only just releasing her debut album, Malaysian-born Evangeline王艷薇 has already built herself a formidable reputation on the mandopop scene both at home and across Asia. After being discovered by none other than masterful producer Skot Suyama陶山 after uploading self-recorded performances to Youtube, he brought her to Taiwan to study under his wing, where she has not only flexed her song-writing talents (writing for Claire Kuo 郭靜 and the title song for the Transformers 4 OST), or proven her ability to hold her own ground with artists such as R-chord 謝和弦 and Kimberly Chen 陳芳語 by featuring on their records (搖滾沒有死掉 and 分手說愛你 respectively), but has also stood on her own two feet, singing the title track (Touch the Sky 碰到藍天) for hit Hong Kong film ‘Special Female Force’ 辣警霸王花.

The title of the album, Wilder 框不住的愛in many ways feels like a mission statement. In Evangeline’s words herself, the things which people long for – freedom, liberation and happiness – are often crushed under the pressure of the reality. However, Evangeline chooses to continue to explore herself, the world around her, and the emotional experiences that these all bring, choosing to be the owner of a curious and imaginative spirit that is always ready for new experiences in life – no matter good or bad – because curiosity is the key for growth and the pursuit of a love of live – an unlimited love of life to be exact.

The vibrant and eye catching album art attempts to visually manifest a celebration of difference alongside Evangeline’s free spirit, with bright colours, flowers and Evangeline with her trademark purple hair, inviting the listener in for what is seemingly promising a unique experience.


1. Unlimited Love 框不住的愛
2. Beautiful Sadness 無色憂傷
3. Goodnight 晚安
4. Expiration Date 保存期限
​5. WHO
6. Bye Bye 掰掰
7. Breathing 深呼吸
8. Angel’s Voice 天使親吻過聲音
9. Dreams 夢見
​10. Unlimited Love (Unplugged) ​框不住的愛 不插電版

4½ stars