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‘Sad Girl Music’ is the new album from electro-pop songwriter Charlee Remitz. Vibrant synths, climbing melodies and dynamic drums collide to create an effervescent soundscape. It will transport you to a hazy sun-drenched dream world; Remitz’ is a master of narrative driven writing, filling her songs with personal tales of love, heartbreak and empowerment.

“In June, we broke my heart. It wasn’t as simple as, “he did it.” No. Because I did it too. I think he wanted to be let go. He couldn’t do it himself. I grasped at his fingertips, bracing myself at the cliff’s edge while he dangled into whatever void would swallow him should I decide to loosen my grip and set myself free. That’s when I lost myself. Those final weeks, when I knew we were done, but I couldn’t stand up, walk away, trust that if I let him fall, he won’t come apart, or I won’t jump in after him. Finally, I slipped my hand from his. That’s where my story begins. Sad Girl Music isn’t about him. It’s about me. It’s about drowning so you can become what you cannot possibly be when you stay above the surface. Sadness is not a weakness. Sadness is a triumph.”


01 – To Tell You the Truth
02 – Bmw (Reprise)
03 – Devilish
04 – My Worst
05 – Forever Like This
06 – Overgrown
07 – Twenty
08 – Sad Girl Music

4 stars