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Super Sunset is the sophomore EP by Canadian pop singer-songwriter Allie X. It was released on October 29th, 2018.

The album will explore a “conceptualized and surrealized version of Los Angeles”, as Allie said in a comment on the lyric video for the first single, Focus. According to the official trailer, it “chronicles the ups and downs of living in the city of angels, the magic of falling in love and the madness one feels trying to make it.” The story of SUPER SUNSET was embodied by three different characters: a Nun, a Hollywood starlet, and a Sci-Fi Girl.


1. “Super Sunset Intro”
2. “Not So Bad In LA”
3. “Little Things”
4. “Science”
5. “Girl Of The Year”
6. “Body Break Interlude”
7. “Can’t Stop Now”
8. “Focus”

3½ stars