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Always In Between is the second studio album by English singer and songwriter Jess Glynne, released on 12 October 2018 by Atlantic Records.

Always In Between is predominantly a pop and dance album, with strong influences from house, EDM and soul genres. The album’s intro is a bold and powerful track that is inspired by soul music. “No One” is a pop song, over a prominent house beat. Lead single from the album, “I’ll Be There” is a synth-pop song, with powerful vocals and a very beautiful melody. It was critically acclaimed and reached number 1 in the UK. “Thursday” is an acoustic pop ballad that features uplifting lyrics; reminding us to appreciate ourselves. Second single, “All I Am” is a house song, that samples “Finally” by Kings of Tomorrow. It reached the top 10 in the UK. “123” is an acoustic pop and soul song, that features a catchy melody and brass instruments. “Never Let Me Go” is a soul-ridden song, with influences of pop and dance.

“Broken” is an emotional pop and soul ballad, that is reminiscent of Glynne’s single “Take Me Home”. “Hate/Love” is an R&B and soul song; it has been appreciated for being different to Glynne’s usual sound. “Won’t Say No” is an upbeat song that has influences of pop and EDM. “Rollin” features a bouncy beat and incorporates house & EDM genres; it has been acclaimed for being radio-friendly. “Nevermind” is a mid-tempo track that has strong tropical house and EDM influences. “These Days” has been described as an acoustic drum & bass song, it reached #1 in the UK in early 2018. “So Real (Warriors)” is an EDM and deep house song that features brass instruments and a catchy melody. “Million Reasons” features a funky and a house beat, that has strong influences of EDM in the chorus. Closing track on the album “Insecurities” is an acoustic pop ballad, with influences from R&B that showcases Glynne’s vocals throughout.


01 – Intro
02 – No One
03 – I’ll Be There
04 – Thursday
05 – All I Am
06 – 123
07 – Never Let Me Go
08 – Broken
09 – Hate/Love
10 – Won’t Say No
11 – Rollin
12 – Nevermind
13 – These Days (feat. Jess Glynne, Macklemore & Dan Caplen)
14 – So Real (Warriors) [feat. Jess Glynne]
15 – Million Reasons
16 – Insecurities

4 stars