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26th January 2018 saw sensational singer/ songwriter Katie Sky unveil the 5 track Evo EP. Now this sparkling sophomore is long overdue, she made her debut with the Paradise EP in 2011 and during the years which followed Sky dropped a couple of synth pop gems (Only You, Melody Changes). Plus Katie even collaborated with the likes of Timeflies, 4AM, Topher Jones and K Theory.

2017 saw Katie Sky re emerge from the shadows with not just one but two phenomenal singles. These being Evolution and Saturate which heightened my desire for Katie’s sophomore.

Now Evo is a piece of pure perfection, I literally fell in love with it at first listen. Everything about this exquisite EP was on point and when compared to Paradise you do notice the progression. Smothered in plenty of synthy goodness, this tantalising release has been perfectly produced and the style was slightly similar to Ellie Goulding’s Halcyon era.


1. Evolution
2. Mirage
3. Saturate
4. Rapport
5. Eclipse

4 stars