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“Love Flutters” is the second mini album by TheEastLight. , and is the group’s first comeback in ten months. The album is set to contain a wide variety of genres like standard band music, EDM pop, disco, acoustic pop, and hip hop, showcasing The Eastlight’s musical versatility.

“Love Flutters” has a Latin rhythm and tropical sound that follows lyrics that reflect the emotions one feels for the person they love.

Release Date: 2018.05.24


01. 설레임 (Love Flutters) *Title
02. Never Thought (I`d Fall In Love)
03. Let Me Stay With You
04. Never Let Go
05. 넌 괜찮니 (Are You Okay?)
06. 레알 남자 (Real Man)
07. Don`t Stop
08. 발렌타인 데이 (Valentine`s Day)

3 stars