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“Kimi Dake no Tabiji Re:boot” is the 17th single released by Suara. The tracks were used as the opening and the ending song of the PlayStation 4 game: Utawarerumono: Chiri Yuku Mono he no Komori Uta. The arrangement of the songs remained as the original.

Released Date: 2018.04.25


1.Kimi Dake no Tabiji Re:boot (君だけの旅路 Re:boot; Only your journey)
2.Kimi ga Tame Re:boot (キミガタメ Re:boot; Because of you)
3.Uruwashiki Sekai Re:boot (麗しき世界 Re:boot; Beautiful world)
4.Kimi Dake no Tabiji Re:boot (Instrumental)
5.Kimi ga Tame Re:boot (Instrumental)
6.Uruwashiki Sekai Re:boot (Instrumental)

5 stars