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Blackout (stylized as BLACKOUT) is the second studio album from American singer and songwriter Steffany Gretzinger. It was released on March 30, 2018, through Bethel Music.

This being her second solo studio effort, Blackout follows the issue of her commercially successful and critically acclaimed debut, The Undoing (2014). The album is said to be revealing the “vulnerable, less-visible side,” of Steffany Gretzinger. This collection of songs is described as being created for the “in-between moments in life” which mould a person, they convey the idea that even in the chaotic situations of life, “[the] light that shines from the inside out cannot be dimmed.” In a press release published on March 9, 2018, Gretzinger spoke of the album’s message, saying:

It’s about being able to joyfully dance as tears stream down your face, knowing that life comes through learning to grieve and celebrate at the same time. – Steffany Gretzinger


1. Save Me
2. Dust
3. Bright Ones
4. Confident
5. Sing My Way Back
6. All That Lives Forever
7. Forever Amen (Interlude)
8. Tell Me The Truth
9. This Is The Sound
10. Open Over Us
11. Oxygen
12. Paradigm (Interlude)
13. Blackout

4½ stars