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Everyone Afraid to Be Forgotten (stylized as EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN) is the third studio album by Swedish singer Jonna Lee. It is her first album under the moniker “ionnalee”. Including those released as part of the collaborative project iamamiwhoami, it is her sixth studio album overall. The album was released February 16, 2018 via Lee’s own record label To whom it may concern. and distributed by Kobalt.

The album was preceded by 7 promotional singles which were released throughout 2017 and early 2018. These included “Samaritan”, “Not Human”, “Simmer Down”, “Gone”, “Dunes of Sand”, “Joy” and “Work”.


 1.Watches Watches
2. Joy
3. Work
4. Like Hell
5. Not Human
6. Temple
7. Samaritan
8. Dunes of Sand (feat. Jamie Irrepressible)
9. Blazing
10. Simmer Down
11. Here Is a Warning
12. Gone
13. Memento (feat. Barbelle)
14. Harvest (feat. TR/ST)
15. Fold

4 stars