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 A Woman’s Guide to Survival  is the new album by Miss Li.


01. Awgts
02. Pressure
03. Aqualung
04. You Only
05. Beautiful
06. Dangerous
07. The Day I Die (I Want You to Celebrate)
08. Hurricane
09. Love Hurts
10. Chasing Expectations
11. Bonfire
12. Seduce Me Slowly


4½ stars


The cover of “A woman’s guide to survival” is a homage to the suffrage movement. Miss Li, or Linda Carlsson, depicts several different women in protest. A few shouts, others look totally intertwined. They keep in signs and posters where it says “I’m not afraid” and “I’m not gonna waste no time on crying”. I want to believe that it is also a tribute to today’s women who have had enough and choose to say so.
In music, Carlsson’s strength is even clearer. She sounds angry, stubborn and determined. Now it’s the anger that carries her forward. The apparent joy that has previously been a signum is only heard on a few occasions. The Kabaret Pope is also not available. The music is often electronic, with sharp beats and powerful drums. And her piano is almost always in the dark.

That the old Miss Li rarely sees to do nothing. Sure, the music is not always innovative. But this is still a new broadcast that is important for both the artist and her listener.

In the title track, Carlsson tells about what she learned about being a woman. It’s the most glowing moment of the album: “When you find something that you want, you’ve got to work harder than them all”. Equally strong, “Dangerous” is a duet with musician Nea Nelson where the two women sing to each other about their strengths.
But there are also moments when Miss Li is struggling with his self-image. In “Pressure,” she compares herself with the “perfect” women on television. In the end she concludes that she never would like to be like them anyway. Because the music is not revolutionary, the message is heard loud and loud.