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“DNA” is the third studio album by German pop singer Madeline Juno, released on September 8th. Following her previous releases “The Unknown” (2014) and “Salvation” (2016), “DNA” marks Juno’s third record project. For the first time, the album will entirely be including songs in German language after her 2016 release “Salvation” included two bonus track sung in German.

The lead single of the project called “Still” was premiered on May 5, 2017 with the music video being released a few weeks later, showing Madeline sitting on a back’s car driving through the city of Hamburg. The song deals with the singer reflecting her past year and some bad encounters she made, resuming she wants to finally have a change and no longer wants to stand still. The singer calls the song “the most happy song on the album”, which is why it’s been chosen as the lead single.


  1. Halt mich fest
2. Drei Worte
3. Gift
4. Schatten ohne Licht
5. Mein Herz tanzt
6. Still
7. Von jetzt an
8. Durchsichtig
9. DNA
10. Phantomschmerz
11. Verlier mich in dir
12. Ohne Kleider
13. Unser Lied
14. Zeitlupe
15. Wenn ich angekommen bin
16. Waldbrand (Acoustic Version)

5 stars