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Jennifer Knapp has experienced enough chaos and turmoil in her life that she could write about it on every album. Instead, she made Love Comes Back Around, a collection of songs that focus on what really matters. Produced by Viktor Krauss, Knapp s latest features 10 compelling new tunes exploring love but not the easy kind. These are love songs for grown-ups who have come a few miles. It s not just sex, it s not just physical relationships, Knapp says. It s hard work. It s loss, it s forgiveness, it s a lot of things wrapped up in one. Love Comes Back Around pairs her fearless songwriting and strong, expressive voice with rootsy arrangements.

Released June 23, 2017


01 – Straight Road
02 – New Day
03 – Love Comes Back Around
04 – Perfect Pardon
05 – Don’t Believe Me
06 – Girl Thing
07 – Forget the Past
08 – Roll Over Me
09 – Roman Holiday
10 – Return to Me


3½ stars

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